Chidambaram was accused of insulting the Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Piyush Goyal said – Congress leader should apologize


New Delhi
Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha Piyush Goyal has accused Congress leader P Chidambaram of insulting Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar. He has demanded an apology from Chidambaram in the House.

In fact, Piyush Goyal raised the issue during the Question Hour when Chidambaram asked from the podium why no question on the issue of Manipur violence was answered or accepted to be raised in the House.

What did Chidambaram say?
Chidambaram said the questions are classified as starred and unstarred and several members have told him that questions on Manipur have been asked, but neither accepted nor given written answers. He said when I asked what questions have been accepted and answered on the subject of Manipur since the Parliament session began on July 20. His answer to this surprised me. Not a single question on this topic has been accepted or answered.

Piyush Goyal raised questions on Chidambaram
On this, the Chairman said that he could not understand what the Congress MP was saying or whether he had any complaint. After this Piyush Goyal got up and said that it was unfortunate that a member was commenting on the Chairman while questioning him.

‘Chidambaram should apologize to the Speaker’
Goyal said that the Chairman has been dragged into the controversy. I believe Chidambaram should apologise. The questions he has raised on the Chairman are a form of contempt and till he apologizes to the Chairman, we will continue to do other things. He said that this was the real way of Chidambaram, but in the guise of an intellectual, he cannot insult the posture.
Along with this, Goyal also said that despite being present in the House and called by the Chair, the members are not raising questions. He said that I think you should take a decision not to allow such members to raise questions in future.

I am aware of the whole matter- Dhankhar
At the same time, Dhankhar said that I have seen the record and heard the audio as well, because both the statements of Chidambaram said yesterday and what he said after that are not matching. He said that I have seen the record. I am aware of the matter and I am quite sure that when a senior member of his stature makes such remarks in the executive, what is the way? I would also seek guidance from members. I am aware of this matter and when I consider it, there will be a discussion.

Dharmendra Pradhan raised the issue of etiquette in the Upper House
Apart from this, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan also raised the issue of etiquette in the Upper House and said that members not asking questions after presenting the supplement is unconstitutional and against democracy. Asserting that the government is ready to answer questions on all issues, he attacked the opposition, saying these are the people who run away after asking questions and hide their faces. These people are cowards.


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