Will have to be alert from ‘lambda’ mutants of Corona, havoc is wreaking havoc in many countries, government emphasizes on caution


New Delhi

New cases of corona continue to decline rapidly in the country, but the risk of infection is not gone yet. NITI Aayog Health Member Dr VK Paul said that after the relaxation of the lockdown, a new risk is being seen at tourist places and markets. Where crowds are being seen, social distancing and mask protocols are not being followed. It is becoming easier for the virus to pass from person to person. This is a matter of serious concern.

On another mutant of the corona virus, Dr Paul said that another dangerous mutant has appeared in the world, which is being called ‘Lambda’. This mutant of corona virus is causing havoc in many countries. We should be careful with such variants. So far there is no evidence that such mutants have been identified in India.

Giving information about the cases of corona, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry, Luv Aggarwal said that we need to take all precautions to avoid corona. There is a spurt in corona cases in Britain, Russia and Bangladesh. We are still dealing with the second wave of Corona. We need to continue to demonstrate the due diligence of the Corona Protocol.

On the cases of corona in the country, he said that in the last one week, on an average, there has been a decline of 8 percent in new cases every day. Of the new cases of corona, 80 percent have come from 90 districts. The recovery rate of corona in the country has increased rapidly. Which has now increased to 97.2 percent.

NITI Aayog Health Member Dr VK Paul said that guidelines have been issued by the ministry regarding vaccination of pregnant women. They are entitled to use all three vaccines (Covavacin, Covishield and Sputnik V) being administered in the vaccination campaign. Pregnant women should get vaccinated, it is very important.