Vicious China is training the Tibetan troops for special operations to compete with India


New Delhi

To compete with India, China is preparing the Tibetan contingent involved in the PLA to conduct special operations in high altitude areas. In this regard, he is engaged in training the soldiers involved in this. Let us tell you that some time ago information came out from Indian agencies and the army that China is recruiting young Tibetans to join its army.

Sources say that China enlists the people of Tibet in its army only when it is convinced that it is loyal to China. For this, these people are also tested many times. Learning and practicing the Mandarin language is the top priority for any Tibetan joining the Chinese military.

ANI quoted sources as saying that China is now trying to imitate India and create a special force that specializes in high altitude combat. Let us tell you that many Tibetans are also included in the army units serving at high altitude places in the Indian Army. Apart from this, preference is given to the people living in hilly areas. They have knowledge about the battles in high altitude places and the challenges there.

Last year, when there was tension due to the Chinese army in the high altitude places of Ladakh, these soldiers, along with the Indian Army, forced China to retreat. He, along with units of the Indian Army, gave the country an edge over the Chinese army by capturing the high altitude peaks south of Pangong Tso in August last year.

Now after eating the mouth in this area, China is preparing again for it. Sources say that for this purpose, the Tibetan contingent of the Chinese Army has drilled its inaccessible areas. Let us tell you that most of the people in China which are part of Tibet are against China. There are mostly supporters of the Dalai Lama and also his followers. In April-May last year, Chinese and Indian forces came face to face in the area of ​​Ladakh.

For a long time, the tussle between the two was also in full swing and both had also made their full preparations. To reduce this tension, there were several rounds of talks at the military and diplomatic level from both sides. After a long standoff, the Chinese army has gone back a bit, but even after this, the apprehension about its intention remains constant.