Twitter has made many changes in terms of service and privacy policy, know when will be effective, what are the changes


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Microblogging site Twitter has developed several new features and services over the past few months. In order to operate these features and services, the company has also made several changes to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which will be effective from August 19, 2021. The microblogging platform has informed about the changes in privacy policies through a new blog recently.

Changes to these services

The features and services that have been changed include Twitter Spaces, Twitter Blue and Payments. The primary part of the privacy policy change is Twitter Spaces. Through this, Twitter users can communicate with each other in audio.

Communications on Spaces Public

Twitter has said that it produces audio of conversations taking place in Spaces. It is seen whether the policies have been violated or not. Plus he also uses audio to improve the convenience. Twitter has said that all communications on Spaces are public, so the question of privacy of information does not arise.

Change in privacy policy

Another policy change pertains to Twitter Blue. This is the company’s first premium subscription, which is currently limited to Canada and Australia. The Internet media platform has said that it can receive information about transactions taking place on or through Twitter. These information may be related to payment, expiry or automatic renewal.

Auto play video can be turned off through setting

Regarding the autoplay video service, Twitter said that these mostly belong to third parties and when users use it, the third party may receive and use certain information in accordance with the rules of the microblogging site. This service can also be turned off through the settings.

do not sell personal information

Twitter has once again clarified that it does not sell any user’s personal information. The new privacy policy makes it more clear how user information is protected and when it is transferred from your country.