Tejashwi made a big offer to Chirag as soon as he reached Patna, told CM Nitish the mastermind of the break in LJP



After a long time, Leader of Opposition of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav reached Patna on Wednesday. As soon as he came here, he invited MP Chirag Paswan to come with him. Said that now Chirag Bhai has to decide whether to stay with the parts of Bunch of Thoughts or will he support the constitution written by Babasaheb. During this, he also targeted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar fiercely. In this sequence, he expressed the hope that Lalu ji can come to Patna soon.

While talking to the media, Tejashwi said that everyone knows who is the mastermind of the break in LJP. In such a situation, Chirag Paswan himself has to decide the direction. Tejashwi said that Nitish ji tried to break the LJP in 2005 and even in 10 years. When LJP did not have a single MLA-MP in 2010, Lalu ji had made Ram Vilas Paswan a Rajya Sabha MP. If the manipulators think so much for the development of Bihar, then a lot will happen. On the statement of the Chief Minister that he was not aware of the break in LJP, he said that he does not know anything. They do not know a b, c, d. They do not even know that people are suffering due to Corona and floods in Bihar. Inflation is at its peak. Bihar remains the center of unemployment. The bridge is falling apart. Don’t know what will happen next.

On the question of coming to Patna after so many days, Tejashwi said that the ruling party should also know that he is a son along with the leader. He also has a responsibility towards his father. At present, there is a need to take care of Lalu ji’s health. It was also the time of covid. They are under doctor’s supervision. He may come to Patna soon.