Strange incident in Haryana, land suddenly started rising in waterlogged fields; stir among people



Strange developments were witnessed in Haryana. The video of this incident is going viral. It is discussed far and wide. People are reaching here after seeing the video of the sudden rise of the ground. The administration is also engaged in its investigation. The case is near Nising Nardak canal of Karnal.

This incident is from a farm situated on Karnal-Kaithal road. These days a large land area near the Nardak canal is filled with rain water. Farming takes place here. It is being told that there was a sudden geological movement on Wednesday. In the area where the water was filled, the ground started rising rapidly. People made a video of this incident and made it viral on the internet media. Here the ground has risen up to about 10 feet.

The unique incident of land rising in Haryana has surprised everyone. The land suddenly rose several feet in the waterlogged fields near the Nising Nardak canal of Karnal. Due to this, the fields have become uneven for a long time. Somewhere the ground is raised several feet and somewhere a big pit has become.

Alert in nearby villages

The video of this incident quickly went viral on the Internet media. People remained curious. In no time hundreds of people from several nearby villages reached the spot to know about the matter. People were removed from near the farm. At the same time, the surrounding villages have also been asked to remain alert. The field where this incident took place is full of water. In view of this, people did not go to the field even till evening.