Seeing North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, tears came from the eyes of the citizens



What has become the dictator of North Korea? There is a lot of speculation going on about this question. Experts are saying on the basis of his old and latest pictures that Kim Jong Un has lost weight. Recently, on the basis of his photo that came out during the party meeting, it was being said that his wrist has appeared less thick than before. Due to this, it was being speculated that Kim has lost weight.

It was even said in the news that his weight loss is due to some disease or he himself wants it to happen. The news agency Reuters has said that the people of North Korea have started worrying due to his sudden weight loss. In this, a citizen of Pyongyong has been quoted as saying that this news is heartbreaking for all citizens. This citizen says that seeing Kim, not only her but everyone who saw her cried. This citizen had said this during an interview aired on Friday. However, Reuters says it does not confirm the footage.

The Pyongyong citizen saw this footage on a large screen on the road there. This footage was from when Kim had gone to see a concert after a meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea. In this he was accompanied by other leaders of the party. He has also refused to confirm this footage. Recently a footage of Kim surfaced has worked to increase this concern.

Very few public comments appear on the dictator of North Korea. But after experts have assessed and analyzed Kim’s photo, now people have also started commenting on it. However, the broadcaster has not given any information about Kim’s decreasing weight. Discussions started in early June regarding Kim Jong Un’s weight. Even at that time, he had appeared in public after a long time. North Korea’s expert had said at that time that Kim’s weight had reduced significantly. Since then, various things are being said about his health.