Jammu Kashmir : Two drones were seen flying over Army’s brigade headquarters in Ratnuchak, search operation underway



Two drones have been seen flying over the army brigade headquarters in Ratnuchak area recently. Soon after the incident, a search operation was launched in the area.

According to the information, between 23.50 and 00.15 hours near the Army’s Brigade Headquarters, the Army saw two drones equipped with colorful lights flying in the air. After this drone flying at a height of about 50 to 75 meters, the army and police have started a search operation in the area. Other details are awaited.

It is clear to the world that Pakistan does not want to allow any peace to be established in Kashmir. This is the reason that even though Pakistan has announced a border ceasefire for more than three months, but with the help of drones, Pakistan is trying to stab India in the back by delivering consignments and weapons to the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir. Carrying out work. When the army personnel saw the drone hovering over the brigade headquarters, they immediately opened fire on the drone. After some time the drone disappeared from there. It is important to mention here that the place where two drones were seen last night called Ratnuchak (Kaluchak), the headquarters of the Army’s 68th Armed, 82nd Armed.