Farmers Protests : The central government is open to talks with farmers’ organizations : Narendra Singh Tomar


New Delhi

The government is once again ready to talk to the farmers’ organizations agitating on the borders of Delhi regarding the laws of agricultural reforms. While the Kisan Sansad of the agitating farmers organizations was held at Jantar Mantar, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar said in the Parliament premises that they should come to the talks with an open mind. The government is fully prepared for this. If there is any objectionable provision in agricultural laws, then the government is ready to solve it. By the way, these laws are in the interest of farmers and are beneficial.

Trust given to resolve objectionable provisions

He said that farmers should leave the path of agitation and come forward for talks. The farmers’ organizations, who have been agitating for a long time regarding agricultural laws, are insisting on repealing these laws, while the government is ready to discuss with them the shortcomings of these laws. Several rounds of talks have already taken place in this regard. But due to the insistence of the farmers’ organizations, no discussion could take place on their provisions in the talks. This has led to a deadlock for several months. Anti-agriculture farmers’ organizations are agitating by putting up a front on the borders of Delhi. During this, he also tried to make his movement nationwide, but it did not work.

Agriculture Minister Tomar made it clear in a conversation here on Thursday that if the leaders of farmers’ organizations bring point-wise problems regarding the laws, only then the government will talk to them. He stressed that the agricultural reform laws would increase the income of the farmers. Competition among traders will increase in the purchase and sale of agricultural produce, which will benefit the farmers.

Tomar said, besides being in the interest of farmers, agricultural laws are also beneficial

Responding to a question, Tomar said, ‘The country has seen how beneficial these agricultural laws are. In the interest of farmers. We have had a long and detailed discussion on these laws. Despite this, if farmers tell their problems point by point, then we can discuss them. When asked about the demand of farmers’ organizations to repeal the laws, Tomar said that these laws have been passed by the Parliament. These were discussed extensively. Therefore, the question of repeal of the laws does not arise.