Empress Jiteshwari Kumari of Panna royal family arrested, court sent to jail


Panna (Madhya Pradesh)

On Thursday, another dark chapter joined the Panna royal family of Madhya Pradesh, which has been in dispute for a long time over the precious diamonds and immense wealth. On the complaint of Rajmata Dilhar Kumari, Maharani Jiteshwari Kumari was arrested by the police and on Thursday she was sent to jail by the sessions court. Dilhar Kumari had complained against Jeeteshwari and others for threatening to kill her.

There is a long-running dispute in the royal family over the property of billions of rupees

TI Aran Soni of Kotwali Panna told that on June 19, there was a dispute in the Raj Mandir Palace, the residence of the royal family. According to the complaint, six people, including Jiteshwari Kumari and her husband Maharaj Raghavendra Singh, barged into the area of ​​Rajmata Dilhar Kumari in the palace, abusing her and threatening her. A complaint was made to the police station. A case was registered against the six accused under the Arms Act and intimidation sections. The main accused Jiteshwari Kumari was arrested late on Wednesday night. Her husband is currently undergoing treatment in Delhi.

Property dispute going on for 20 years

There is a dispute going on for 20 years between Rajmata Dilhar Kumari and her daughter-in-law Jiteshwari Kumari over property worth billions of rupees in the former Panna royal family. This dispute has reached the police many times. However, the situation of arrest has been made for the first time.

High profile case, police is taking vigil

Due to the high profile case related to the Panna royal family, the police is taking extra vigil. In view of the arrest of the queen, heavy police force has been deployed in Kotwali. After the arrest, Jiteshwari Kumari told the media that I have been implicated by conspiracy. This has happened before. This is a false case, it was a very small case. Taking advantage of Maharaj’s illness, a conspiracy was hatched and the entire family was trapped.